UFC star fighter Jon “Bones” Jones defeated Brazilian fighter Mauricio Rua on March 19 in Newark, N.J., winning with a Technical Knockout (TKO) blow to the body, becoming the youngest Light Heavyweight Champion in UFC history at age 23.

But winning a UFC title wasn’t the only first time experience that day for the Rochester, New York native. According to reports, Jones chased down and captured a thief just hours before he fought.

TMZ.com reports that Jones was meditating at a park in Patterson, NJ, a pre-fight ritual that he does with his two coaches (Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn), when he heard a woman shout, “I’ve been robbed!” He then ran down the robber, knocked the man down and locked his legs in a “figure-four” submission lock until the police arrived.

“It was a great pre-fight warm-up for me,” Jones told TMZ.com.

Jones explained via twitter what the thief was after, and how he had no chance of getting away.

“So while we were at the park today, a crack head smashed this old lady’s car window and took off running with her G.P.S. just as we were pulling up,” Jones tweeted, according to Sherdog.com.

“Right away, coach goes after him. Without hesitation, coach Jackson goes after him. I was shocked and stood there for a second. Then I threw my phone and went with my coaches. Before you know it, we’re speeding up a steep hill, chasing after him.”

Jones is mostly known for his Greco-Roman Wrestling style of fighting, which helped earn him a JUCO championship while attending Iowa Central Community College. He then went on to earn 13-1 pro record, his only loss coming by disqualification. But at 6-foot-4-inces tall, perhaps he has the stride and speed to be known as a pretty fast runner now, too.

“I turned the jets on. We caught him. We got the lady’s G.P.S. back,” tweeted Jones, who has been professionally fighting mixed martial arts style since 2008. “It feels so good to help others. It gives me power and energy.”