If it’s true that success is the best revenge, consider Keke Wyatt officially paid back. With the release of her latest album UNBELIEVABLE!, Wyatt single-handedly answers any who ever doubted her for a minute. Wyatt says her third studio album “feels good because there are some artists out there who can’t get their projects out.”

The girl next door remains humble even after making an astonishing comeback from a violent 10-year marriage, failed record deals and two shelved albums. Wyatt has truly transformed from the teenager who was first introduced with the chart-topping remake of René & Angela’s 1983 ballad, “My First Love,” one of many duets with R&B singer Avant.

UNBELIEVABLE! features the same larger-than-life vocals that have been garnering Wyatt fans internationally for a decade. Featuring her signature sultry ballads, the album also includes remakes of classics such as Alexander O’Neal and Cherell’s “Saturday Love” and Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven.”

“I love throwbacks. They touched us then, why can’t they touch us now?” says Wyatt. The last cut on the project, an a cappella version of “His Eye Is On the Sparrow,” was a response to the more than 100,000 fans who gave an impromptu clip of the song a thumbs up on YouTube.

Wyatt gives a glimpse into her soul with the emotional track titled “Mirror,” where she collaborates with singers Tweet and Kelli Price to encourage women to leave abusive and unhealthy relationships. “I had a rough time . I put myself back where I was,” Wyatt told the AFRO during a phone interview. “I’ve done the mirror song so many times…that song was really rough for me. I put myself in that situation mentally.”

Now a spokesman for National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.ncadv.org), Wyatt says she will soon begin travelling and speaking out against violence towards women and young girls. “It starts early. I really hope that by me speaking up and speaking out…girls will wake up and get away from it.”

Through it all, Wyatt has persevered, and the release of UNBELIEVABLE! is a testament to her longevity in a harsh business of smoke and mirrors. And these days music isn’t the only area of the entertainment business Wyatt is dividing and conquering. The vocalist is also starring in a new show that documents her life balancing motherhood and the music business. Tentative plans are also being discussed for Wyatt to star in a feature film as the late Phyllis Hyman.

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