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By AFRO Staff

Candidates for Baltimore City Mayor are Brandon Scott (Dem), Bob Wallace (I) and Shannon Wright (R); Nick Mosby won the Democratic primary election for president of the city council; his Republican opponent is Jovani M. Patterson.

As voters are proceeding to the polls now and on Election Day, Nov. 3, they will have other considerations beyond the offices of mayor and president of the city council in Baltimore City. 

Those in the 7th Congressional district will also mark ballots for former and current representative, Kweisi Mfume or Republican newcomer, Kimberly Klacik.

Former city councilman, Bill Henry, is the only choice for city comptroller, a real change for those who’ve voted for outgoing comptroller, Joan Pratt, who’s served in that capacity since 1995. 

The good news is that there has been incredibly vigorous, perhaps unprecedented early voter turnout thus far in Baltimore and specifically in the Black community. But, long lines of Black voters have played out across the nation despite organized efforts by the Republican Party at voter suppression. Most political observers suggest that the strong Black early voter turnout may portend victories for Democrats up and down the ballot from Joe Biden to local offices. More than 73 million people have cast votes across the nation as of October 28, already surpassing the approximately 58.3 million early votes cast in 2016, with days left before Nov. 3.

Citizens can vote by mail postmarked by 8 p.m. Nov. 3 or by depositing their completed, signed ballots in designated boxes at the nearest board of elections. They can also vote in person at early voting locations until Nov. 2, and at their polling place on Nov. 3. Everyone is encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing during the wait.