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Rawle King, Father
“I have a 23-year-old daughter… now she has coverage.”  “I am very happy that Americans without healthcare have coverage.”
Sean Mickens, Non-profit Employee
“Given the economic climate, the level of unemployment and the ability for people my age to find jobs, the healthcare legislation has taken away a major concern.”

Kimberly Nettles, Pharmacy Student
“The Health care reform serves as a progression for the medical profession. The millions who go untreated every year will finally have access to not only treatment, but security from insurance.  As a student pharmacist, it is a direct influence on my career.  The demand for prescriptions and labor will drastically increase, thus resulting in a promising future for the therapeutic field. “
Dennis Holmes, Law Student, George Washington University
“I graduated college and now I’m in law school. I’m happy he changed the age limit so I have insurance under my parents.”

Gail Matthews, Accountant
“The U.S. is finally catching up with many of the other great nations, ensuring health care for all. Is it enough? No, because it doesn’t include a public health plan, but it is a start.”
Chris Vines, Intern
“The passage of the affordable health care act gives me peace of mind that my younger siblings are now insured through college, and it signals a change in ethics that people with a ‘pre-existing condition’ are no longer cast aside as uncoverable to HMOs.”