George Curtis, a Face of Horror contestant is competing to hit the Hollywood hills for a photoshoot with Kane Hodder best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise and $13,000 in prize money. (Photo courtesy of George Curtis)

By Ashleigh Fields,
AFRO Assistant Editor,

As the Halloween holiday approaches, D.C. native Curtis George  is stepping out of his shell into a shocking and suspenseful season as he vies to become the next “Face of Horror.” The multifaceted creative has passionately blazed a trail for himself as an accomplished actor and film aficionado. 

“There’s no place like D.C. It’s filled with so much unrecognized talent. My goal is to let my light shine brightly and help inspire others as they come in contact with me.” said George. “I’ve done many stage plays, movies on Netflix including series and some work as a background extra.”

Curtis shined as a performer in the House of Cards stage play and popular musicals such as Annie, Shrek and the Wizard of Oz in the D.C. area, where he was triple casted.

His dramatic debut on a film set earned him a credit on the cast of the 2020 thriller series Messiah. As he competes in the Face of Horror competition, his experiences on and off camera have helped him gain the confidence to compete for a spread in Rue Magazine.

“I’m excited to share my talent with the world and I am one step away from stardom,” said George. “I found out about the competition through social media and I said ‘let me go ahead and shoot my shot.’” 

The Face of Horror competition crowned its first winner, Megan Higby just last year. In 2023, they have significantly kicked up the prize offerings by guaranteeing $13,000 to this year’s front runner in addition to a photo shoot with Kane Hodder who played Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th.

Jason is Curtis’ favorite movie character and horror is the movie category he adores most. It’s a beloved tradition he hopes to pass on. 

“I’m expecting to have a baby girl next year in 2024. My daughter will be well taken care of and given the opportunity to be exposed to horror growing up,” said George. “This will be an honor being the #FaceOFHorrorCurtis. A classic and frightful awarded token.”

The founders boast not only about eerie surprises for competitors but also promote participants growth through exclusive workshops led by special effects makeup artist Gabe Bartalos, visionary filmmaker/writer Adam Green, composer Rocky Gray and actress Geretta Giancarlo who will help them discover the method behind the mystery of horror.

There will be a series of rounds up until Nov. 9 and the public choice winner will be announced on Nov. 17. Those who are interested in learning more about the competition can visit and vote for Curtis here.

“This is a blessing to be part of an iconic moment in history,” George shared, “I have what it takes to get through until the end. I’m ready for the fright.”