Washingtonians ‘disgusted’ with thousands of ‘Million MAGA’ marchers

A Black Trump supporter at the Million MAGA March taken on social media. (Courtesy Photo)

By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. Editor

Saturday, Nov. 14, thousands of President Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) supporters descended upon Washington D.C. for what was called and publicized as the “Million Maga March.” Despite the flop in attracting millions of marchers in the name of Trump, the mere presence of thousands in the MAGA mob made for an uneasy Washington, D.C. that is traditionally Blue in beliefs and historically Chocolate.  

While many news outlets have yet to call an official number, Poynter Institute’s PolitiFact reported that thousands gathered for the Million MAGA March.  Further PolitiFact said that it is mathematically impossible to fit more than 135,000 people in the space that conservatives are now touting as President Trump’s millions of loyal followers.  

Although Saturday’s event may have been more like a “Thousands MAGA March,” many in Washington, D.C. were uneasy about the presence of so many proud right-wing activists marching in the streets in solidarity with President Trump and his policies.  All over D.C.’s social media waves were posts showing Trump supporters, many unmaked, getting in altercations with Washingtonians, not just anti-Trump actvistis, but everyday average Joes, who were disgusted with the MAGA marchers.

Social media sensation Rolling Ray recorded a verbal altercation with White Trump supporters on the Metro.  

“What happened to the vaccine?  What happened the second stimulus check,” Ray asked in the middle of what was a more than three-minute back and forth.  The  supporters tout Trump creating jobs for the industrial industry- at which the social media sensation is unimpressed- particularly living in the D.M.V.

This reporter was in Philadelphia during most of the Million MAGA March, yet upon getting off the train at Union Station Saturday night, I was met with about five White women, unmasked with large Trump signs, flags and paraphernalia.  It is not an everyday sighting in the very Blue nation’s capital to say the least. 

However, those who used their right to protest, just as the MAGA marchers, were met with great hostility, creating major rifts and leading to arrests.

Black Lives Matter D.C. posted footage of Trump supporters and police removing “Black Lives Matter” and anti-Trump rhetoric signs from fences close to the White House and nearby unaffiliated property such as St. John’s Episcopal Church Lafayette Square, who’s Rector the Rev. Robert Fisher, had authorized the signs.

There were accusations of taunting, rock throwing and violence from both sides.  However, many Black Lives Matter protestors were upset by the Metropolitan Police Department continuing to arrest people of color, many of whom were there to peacefully demonstrate against the Million MAGA March.

The Washington Post reported that there were many people bloodied and about 20 people arrested from both sides of the Trump argument.

With the arrests and unrest of the day’s events, many are calling out Mayor Muriel Bowser and the city’s leadership for the marchers’ escalation.

“It’s not the size of the crowd that’s an issue.  It’s how the folks behave,” D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said.  “I was impressed with the way the Metropolitan Police Department was able to prevent more conflicts than we did have.”

However many Washingtonians, like parent and educator Hilary Daniel, are not pleased.

“I’m disgusted that they were even approved to hold their rally, freedom of speech aside.  These people have made their agenda very clear, and that is to invoke fear and violence on minority groups,” said Daniel, who also shared several public social media posts showing the unrest with aggressive Trump supporters to the AFRO.

 “I’m even more appalled that some of the residents of this city who were attacked by some of these unwanted visitors were reprimanded and detained by our local law enforcement.”