We Our Us Men’s West Baltimore.

By J.J. McQueen
Special to the AFRO

On any given Monday, Thursday and Saturday on Baltimore’s busy streets, you might witness a large group of men marching and chanting, “We all we got, we all we need.” It’s a sound that echoes throughout the city for the better of three years. The organization We Our Us was initially designed to help resolve conflicts in some of Baltimore’s most intense neighborhoods.  

Dr. Andre Bundley We Our Us Peace Walk reuniting with a former student.

With that mission in mind, the founding men of the organization have grown to be trendsetters all across America. President Pastor Corey Barnes said, “We’re in a moment in our community where there’s a lot of pain, a lot of trauma, but we still have a lot of hope”.

Executive Director Andrew Muhammad greeting residents

That hope and focus has been the driving force for many Baltimore residents with respect to using We Our Us as a positive resource for change. To date, the organization has helped close to 2,000 people with job placement, 500 people were placed in drug treatment programs, and two million pounds of food has been distributed citywide since the beginning of the pandemic.

We Our Us Safe Streets supporting during food drive.

Volunteer Maurice Blanding said, “We’re a group of men and women that love our community, and we’re never going to stop loving on our community.”

Pastor John Watts Praying for Baltimore Resident during food drive.

Currently, the city is moving at a record pace for violent crimes, but with dedicated residents and community partners like We Our Us, hope for a brighter tomorrow remains.

West Baltimore Night Walk We Our Us.

For more information, visit www.weourusmovement.org.

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