By AFRO Staff

Most of us know the importance of planning. We are told by our relatives and friends; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Let’s not fail when it comes to the vote. Not this vote in this upcoming General election when the lack of effort is sure to reelect this president.

In-person voting will be available, but many fear the possibility of exposure to the coronavirus, the proximity of other voters, or length of time required to get it done.

Options include requesting an absentee ballot, and returning it by mail as soon as received; or requesting an absentee ballot and physically taking it to your local board of elections as soon as received and completed.

The former leaves your ballot to the unpredictable activity of the post office, in a season when the post office is seemingly under siege and people are receiving mail at odd times and on irregular days.

The latter seems to be the safest alternative and gives you the opportunity to secure your ballot at its appointed place.

Early voting begins October 26 and extends to November 2, which includes Nov. 1 as Souls to the Polls Day; most appropriate since it is one of the highest days in the church – All Saints Day.

Ballots can be taken to the appropriate election boards as soon as they are completed. Receptacles will be outside or within the doors, since offices are not open to the public. 

*Now – request your mail-in ballot

*When received – complete your ballot

*When completed – mail your ballot or deliver your ballot to your local board of elections.