WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Washington Wizards remain in their losing funk as they head into Nov. 26 with a 0-11 record, the worst record of any team so far this season. They lost three games during the week of Nov. 19-24, falling to the Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks and the Charlotte Bobcats.

In two of their three losses, the Wizards scored less than 80 points, which reflects Washington’s struggle to score points offensively.

“It’s hard to win a game,” Wizards head coach Randy Wittman told reporters on Nov. 24.

“I’m not pointing a finger at my players. Obviously, it lies with me, I know it lies with me and I need to figure a way out to get this righted. That’s what my job is and I’ll take full responsibility for that.”

Wizards’ star big man Nene, returned to action during their game against the Hawks on Nov. 21 after missing the first nine games of the seasons, but he didn’t help out much as Washington is still missing John Wall, their injured star point guard.

Nene scored 12 points against the Hawks, then went on to score 19 points against the Bobcats on Nov. 24, but it wasn’t enough of a boost to get the Wizards over the edge.

Rookie shooting guard Brad Beal, who was taken in the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, has yet to prove his high-pick worth as he has struggled shooting as the Wizards’ primary scorer. Beal had 18 points in the loss against the Pacers on Nov. 19, but went on to score only six points against the Hawks and 13 points against the Bobcats. In each of those losses, Beal shot less than 33 percent from the field, which is unacceptable for a primary scorer in the NBA.

Washington is hoping Beal will play better once Wall returns from his knee injury. The Washington Post reported that Wall visited a doctor recently, who confirmed there have been no set-backs with the rehab of the injury but the team hasn’t announced exactly when Wall will return. For now, fans are hoping he will be back at least by the first week of December.

On the bright side, the Wizards were able to pick up veteran point guard Shaun Livingston in a free agency transaction on Nov. 17. Livingston was once considered a premiere prospect before suffering a devastating knee injury in 2007. He is a large point guard at 6-foot-7-inches tall, and should help man the point guard position until Wall returns. Livingston scored 10 points with four assists in his action against the Pacers, but didn’t fair too well against the Hawks or Bobcats, combining for just 10 points and four assists in both games.

Washington will try anything to snap their funk and win a game when they host two home games this week–a Nov. 26 contest against the San Antonio Spurs and a Nov. 28 game against the Portland Trailblazers– followed by a road game against the New York Knicks at the famous Madison Square Garden on Nov. 30. 

Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor