On April 23, Fannie M. Goldston, a member of Tenth Street Baptist Church since 1946, will celebrate her 100th birthday at the Navy Yard Conference Center, in Washington, D.C., surrounded by family, friends and church family.

Born April 20, 1911, in Liberty, N.C., Goldston, in 1945, moved to D.C., where she enrolled in Madame CJ Walker Beauty College and won several awards for outstanding hairstyles. She and her sister-in-law co-owned Gales and Goldston Beauty Salon for many years. She retired in 1981 from the salon, located at 2300 Rhode Island Ave. N.E. She still has one customer, her daughter Elrtia James.

Goldston joined Tenth Street Baptist under the leadership of Rev. Dr. J L Henry. She is actively involved in her church, where she serves as church mother and a faithful member of Adult Sunday School Class No. 1. She has also participated in the Outreach Ministry service at the Washington Home on Upton Street, N.W. every third Sunday for more than 30 years.

Goldston’s favorite scripture is Psalms 91:1 and her favorite song is “I Will Not Complain.” Her secret for longevity is attributed to her daily study of the scriptures and prayer. Her motto of life is to treat others how they would like to be treated.