Seth Fowler, a young writer, Morehouse College student, and teenage CEO, has had a lifelong passion for art. Even as a child Fowler spent hours drawing and doodling intricate designs – a gift that was not lost on his father, Paul.

After Fowler’s dad recognized the extent of his son’s abilities, he encouraged Seth to craft a story around some of his favorite illustrations. At 9 years old, Seth completed Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure, a colorful, adventure-laden children’s book.

Seth and his father felt they’d crafted a powerful project that taught children to overcome life’s difficulties, combat bullies and treat others with respect. According to the author, the book also helps “strengthen bonds between parents and children by sharing a bedtime story.”

The duo spent years refining and editing the book and began introducing the work to different publishers. During this time, the father-son team met with Erick Lina, a California-based Barnes & Noble store manager, who helped shape the final product. With Lina’s assistance, the book was submitted to Barnes & Noble and was selected to be part of the children’s book family.

“The book had many of the morals that kids today don’t get from television or movies, and still kept a degree of vibrant imagination that could only come from a kid itself,” said Lina. “I knew people would read it and love it.”

The book was an overwhelming success, selling double the number of copies in its first two days than any other first-time author at the Woodland Hill Barnes & Noble in California.

After the success of his first book, Seth went on to create his own independent book publishing company, BooksBySeth, and is currently pursuing a double major in business administration and Spanish.

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