The possibility of inclement weather was not enough to stop Rosalind Cylar from joining her husband to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. She made the day trip to Washington, D.C., from the couple’s home in Huntsville, Md., partly to make a statement that there is still a long way for black people to go.

“A little bad weather couldn’t stop me from coming out and being apart of history,” Cylar said. “A lot of efforts went into getting this memorial here, and I’m doing my part by being here today.”

Rashad Cylar, 29, an army engineer and graduate of Alabama A&M State University, visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to honor his fraternity brother. Like King, Cylar is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Jr. Along with his wife, Rosalind, Cylar made the day trip from his home in Huntsville, Md. “I felt obligated to come out today,” Cylar said.

Cylar said the memorial reminded him to never stop fighting for what you believe is right. “This memorial has been a long time coming and is well-deserved for a brother who had a love for all mankind,” he said.