Benjamin Netanyahu, John Boehner, Orrin Hatch
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves as he step to the podium prior to speaking before a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Prime Minister Netanyahu is using the address to warn against trusting Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, left, and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, applaud. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Benjamin Netanyahu’s address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday is fundamentally a form of personal disrespect for President Barack Obama but it is also a grievous breach of state diplomacy and an attempt to subvert U. S foreign policy. We find it galling that instead of going through the proper diplomatic process, Netanyahu accepted an invitation to speak to this country’s principal legislative body NOT from the American Chief Executive but instead from the Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner whose continuous history of critical and demeaning diatribes about this President we are convinced thinly veil his deep seated racism.

Netanyahu, the Prime Minister (PM) of Israel, opposes the current U.S. policy of negotiating directly with Iran over that country’s attempt to acquire enriched uranium. Iran claims it wants the uranium in order to build power plants while Israel asserts their belief that Iran wants to use the uranium to build nuclear weapons. That Israel maintains its own supply of nuclear weapons but refuses to acknowledge them is never mentioned.

Israel’s economy is allegedly booming, but it still receives reportedly $3.1 billion in weapons and aid money every year from the U.S. In spite of this enormous welfare handout, Israel wants to nevertheless alter U.S. foreign policy by interjecting itself into America’s politics to further bolster its own national interest, which in this case is the satisfaction that a neighboring enemy will be precluded from possibly even indirectly posing a nuclear threat approaching its own nuclear capabilities. The sheer hubris of Israel’s action in this regard we find to be simply astounding.

Granted, the U.S. past policy of blocking undeveloped potentially hostile countries’ access to nuclear technologies has indeed been the same as what Israel is attempting to apply presently, in a convoluted fashion, with Iran.  However, the nuclear cat is now out of the bag as a result of China, North Korea and maybe Russia’s apparent willingness to share its nuclear capabilities with developing countries and countries hostile to U.S. interests. Therefore where the U.S. could once force its will in a world that accorded only a few powerful countries access to the nuclear monopoly, the present international landscape appears to be far different thus requiring greater diplomatic tactics than those currently reflected by Israel’s tactics in the Iranian situation involving the U.S.

Barack Obama, Ash Carter, Martin Dempsey
President Barack Obama, accompanied by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, right, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, speaks about Iran and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, Tuesday, March 3, 2015, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. The president said Netanyahu didn’t offer any “viable alternatives” to the nuclear negotiations with Iran during his speech to Congress. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Netanyahu is attempting to do something that is not only unprecedented but if the positions were reversed, with Obama trying to inject the U.S.’s national interests into Israel’s domestic affairs, such would clearly elicit howls of immediate outrage.

So who should we believe? Who should we trust?  Neither!  Such appears to be the way the game of international diplomacy is presently played.  With the U.S. in the middle we believe it is smart to pursue the path the Obama Administration has chosen—to mediate a solution that will reduce, as best as possible, the opportunity of nuclear war through mutual and continuous discussion among the parties having an interest in a peaceful outcome.  Refusing to mediate with Iran as Netanyahu is attempting to push the U.S. into doing will only agitate, if not aggravate, the tension in the middle east that is already over-heated with the actions of the newly empowered Muslim extremists.  It will also send an unfortunate message to the world’s international community that the American international policy that historically has been represented by one voice, the President of the United States, will instead be represented by a chorus of political voices whose track record of lack of unanimity too often mirrors that of a chaotic undeveloped country rather than a country that is supposed to be a leader of the civilized world.

US Israel Netanyahu
Demonstrators protesting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech march on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 3, 2015, prior to his address before a joint meeting of Congress. Netanyahu is using the address to Congress to warn against trusting Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

We regret the unfortunate circumstances that have given rise to Netanyahu addressing the Congress of our United States.  However, having done so, we invite, indeed encourage him to return to his home country of Israel as soon as he can with the added departing comment that his actions have indeed offended the Black American community.  Acting as if John Boehner, not Obama, sets U.S. foreign policy is the very definition of disrespect. We resent Netanyahu and we resent the country of Israel for allowing him to insult our president.

As for Boehner, who is responsible for inviting Netanyahu without clearing, or even informing the White House in advance, any repercussions from the Israel PM’s actions will fall squarely on his shoulders. Boehner’s foray into the realm of international policy is a clear example that racism on Boehner’s part has now been accelerated.  Until now, the internal differences we have had with respect to international policy issues have always been solely an American debate among Americans. Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu has changed that time-honored custom, an action for which we firmly believe Boehner should be required to pay dearly. We believe his primary mission for the duration of the Obama term, is to embarrass and demean our President at every opportunity. We as a community cannot allow this to happen without making the entire country, indeed now the world, clearly aware’ of our deep objection and resentment of the actions of this man.  John Boehner is not a friend of the American Black community and is entitled to every and all the disrespect we can legally throw at him!

Enough is Enough!