Saturday, June 6, 2020


More Heads Must Roll in Flint, Michigan — Starting with Gov. Rick Snyder.

It's outrageous that Flint is experiencing a citywide health crisis where 8,177 children have been diagnosed with lead in their bloodstreams. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, long-term exposure for infants and children can lead to “delays in physical or...

Boehner, Netanyahu and Israel Have Disrespected Our President

Benjamin Netanyahu's address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday is fundamentally a form of personal disrespect for President Barack Obama but it is also a grievous breach of state diplomacy and an attempt to subvert U. S foreign policy. We find it galling that instead of...

The Republicans Control Congress. Now What?

The third-highest ranking member of the Republican controlled House of Representatives gave a speech before a White supremacist group run by David Duke in 2002. And while Steve Scalise of Louisiana apologized after the information came out late last...

Protesting the Protesters

What is it with the police in New York? The city has been host to multiple #Icantbreathe and #blacklivesmatter protests following the deaths of unarmed Black men such as Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. and Eric Garner in Staten...

An AFRO Christmas Wish

Christmas Originally published Dec. 23, 1911.   In this, the most joyous season of the year, one’s bosom swells as he thinks of the wonderful events of long ago and the music of our soul swings into meter.   Oh Muse of Homer, Milton,...

The Drama Unfolding Around the Real Bill Cosby

There are so, so, many women. They all tell similar horrifying stories of being drugged and sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby, a man who found fame and fortune playing a Black doctor with an upper class family on television...

The Enormous Blessing of Marion Barry’s Incessant Civil Rights Spirit

Washington D.C., indeed the entire Black community of this country, lost an enormous historical civil rights figure when former Washington D.C. Mayor passed away unexpectedly last week. The AFRO has had a long history of reporting on the many...

Hold the Police Accountable; Don’t Burn the Block Down

Time and time again we destroy our own neighborhoods when something terrible happens. We did it in Detroit, we did in Los Angeles, we did it in Baltimore. And now, we're doing it again in Ferguson now that Darren...

What is Ben Carson thinking?

Ben Carson, conservative author and noted neurosurgeon, is acting as if he may run for president as a Republican. Despite his conspicuous lack of political experience this man is taking steps to run for the most powerful office in...

Should the Congressional Black Caucus Give Utah Congresswoman-Elect Mia Love a Shot?

Mia Love made history when she became the first Black woman to be elected to Congress as a Republican. Representing Utah’s 4th District, the daughter of Haitian immigrants is even more noteworthy because she is a member of the...

Don’t Let them Steal Your Democracy –VOTE

An old enemy has been resurrected; a dark specter that looms over this year’s General Election, threatening the rights of voters of color across the country.  Poll taxes, literacy tests and other tools of direct voter suppression were legally buried...