The Boogie Board is an electronic note paper. Need to leave a note or capture information on the fly? Use the stylus (read pen) and write it on the Boogie Board. You can take notes, doodle, illustrate a pointy … anything you’d ordinarily do on a piece of scratch paper or in a notebook. It’s quick and simple, and doesn’t create waste.

Earlier versions of the Boogie Board stopped there. The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 is upgraded with bluetooth connectivity. Now you can save and upload your notes to other devices. This makes the Boogie Board a functional asset for students, teachers, business people – anyone taking handwritten notes.

• Size of a trade paperback, easily slips into a purse or briefcase
• Mobile Apps available for using Boogie Board with other devices
• Stylus and feel on Boogie Board approximate writing on paper

• You have to transfer your files from the device to review or organize them
• Ships with only one stylus and without a case
• It does not have wifi connectivity

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Talibah Chikwendu

Special to the AFRO