The USB flash drive is central to computing portability. The Connect is a flash drive on steriods. It has the functionality and storage capacity of a standard USB flash drive, plus wifi hotspot capability. It allows for the transfer of files from several devices simultaneously. It also connects to the Internet on an available wireless network, providing pass through access for connected devices. It has its own power, rechargable, thats last about four hours at full capacity use.

It has a sleek, crisp look, and despite its enhanced functionality, it is only marginally larger than other full-size models. It charges while plugged into the computer and while charging, can be used for drop ‘n drag and file saving transfers. With a capacity of 16 or 32 GB, you can transfer files off devices, clearing space for additional use.

• Wireless hotspot created supports eight devices
• Provides Internet access
• Speeds fast enough for streaming video

• It only comes in one color
• It doesn’t have a loop for attaching a lanyard or ring

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Talibah Chikwendu

Special to the AFRO