I dream a world of integrity and respect. A world filled with individuals steadfast to an immovable quotient of compassion and empathy for others. I see a society willing to embrace and celebrate the aspirations of others. To develop and nourish a respect for the struggles and tribulations that birthed the diverse mosaic that is modern society. Through all this I pray for this generation and the next to nurture a reverence and respect not only for the tangible beings of their elders but their stories that have created our history.

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th Anniversary of the apex of the Civil Rights Movement as embodied by the March on Washington, we must cherish and revere these events with an immutable pride in how far we have come and analyze how far we can go. I dream that this analysis is done through education not just in the school houses but in our own homes learning about our own families but most importantly learning who we are and what we can personally do to be an asset to society. We must find focus in our passions and develop our true life’s purpose. This world must be filled with dreamers that find inspiration in all that was before for it is only through such motivation that we can configure all of the potentialities of our future. This is not an unattainable dream as we are the embodiment of our ancestors’ dreams. No matter our color, we are the manifestation of dreams, hopes and aspirations of a people striving for a better tomorrow.


Ja-Zette Marshburn

AFRO Archivist