Submitted by Wayne E. Williams

Dear Editor:

My good friend of social media who resides in Chicago refers to himself as: Just Another BLUES MAN. Dig this, he is not from Memphis either.

Memphis is considered to be an historic southern American city. Traditionally it is the home of American Blues and BBQ. It is historically known for Graceland and the place where both President John F. Kennedy and Civil Rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were slain.

Now due to police brutality all eyes are looking towards this city again.

The cause of death from wrongdoings by police brutality is not color blind as it relates to inflictions on African-American men. From foreseeable projected law suits, no surviving family member wants to become instant millionaires due to police brutality of a loved one. Yes: All Lives Matter

So when we communicated with each on Wednesday evening, February 1, I texted him telling him to take a break from culminating a tune that day. Why? Because that day was: Just Another BLACK MAN broadcast funeral. Oh my goodness, America!