By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher,
San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper

If you are reading this, then you probably are one of the people who either has already voted or registered and plans to vote on November 8th, Election Day. The problem then is not with you, but those around you who either have expressed a lack of interest in voting, believe that their vote won’t make a difference, or maybe they are homeless or think they can’t vote because of some past record or conviction.

None of these reasons should be permitted to be expressed to you without your reminder of the obligation we have to vote because of the people who died for that right, just as people died for our right to be free.

Each such person should be told that “If in doubt about your right to vote, then vote a “provisional”, or what is called a “challenged” ballot; the legality of which will be determined after the election and counted where possible.

If you have friends, and relatives in another county or state, you should be calling them with the importance of all our votes and their votes for whatever election is being held in their area. We must be reminded that when it comes to elections, we are not a “Minority”. We count equally to everyone else.

Remember that the Voting Rights Act, which was passed more than 50 years ago, led to not only getting Blacks elected to offices at all levels including the President of these United States, but also the ability to elect a President who put the first Black woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, and our work is not done yet. What is being called “Democracy” under attack, is really an effort to remove all gains made by Blacks and other people of color in the last 50 years. Our votes will keep this from happening and preserve the America we know for our children, as we work to truly make it a place of equality including “us”.

Let’s get those votes cast and counted on November 8th, wherever we and our friends and relatives live.

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