State’s Attorney candidate Angela Alsobrooks received two major endorsements this week from current State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey and also from a conglomerate of powerful women in Prince George’s politics.

“She just has the right experience,” said Del. Jolene Ivey, D-Dist. 47, who’s also the wife of the state’s attorney. “If I thought that there was anyone better, I would be supporting that person. She’s clearly the best person.”

Alsobrooks, who’s also received the endorsement from the Washington Post, has garnered much of the support in this race. Alsobrooks, the current executive director of the Prince George’s County Revenue Authority, has received over $124,000 in campaign contributions while none of her opponents have reached $100,000. She’s happy she’s getting so much support, but says her success still lies in what the voters do.

“It is so humbling to have the support of these people who are pillars in our community,” Alsobrooks said. “The most important support comes from the voters and I am working as hard as I can to get the message out to them and I hope to earn their support as well.”

The one person who knows about what the next state’s attorney is getting themselves into is Glenn Ivey. With another candidate, Joseph Wright, currently working under him, he still had no hesitation about throwing his support behind Alsobrooks.

“Angela is the right person for the job. She has the right kind of experience as a prosecutor and a manager,” Ivey said. “I like her temperament, I like her vision for the county with respect to criminal justice and I think she’d do an outstanding job.”

Also throwing their support behind Alsobrooks are former Prince George’s County Executive Wayne Curry; Del. Anne Healy, D.-Dist. 22; and former Senator and current Maryland Secretary of Aging Gloria Lawlah.

“This is a critical election, and the stakes are high,” said Lawlah.  “We have to make an informed vote, and we want to inform you that Angela Alsobrooks is the right woman for the job.”


George Barnette

Special to the AFRO