Originally published Dec. 23, 1911.

Christmas Editorial Cartoon

In this, the most joyous season of the year, one’s bosom swells as he thinks of the wonderful events of long ago and the music of our soul swings into meter.

Oh Muse of Homer, Milton, come;

And guide my thoughts beyond the sun:

To show me there in regions bright,

The home of God where is no night.

For from that realm, a cloudless land

Came Jesus Christ, the Son of Man,

To flash the light through earth’s dark night,

To life our lives from sin’s drear blight.

And so today with rapturous joy

We sing His praise without alloy;

For Jesus came, the Conquering King.

While angels made the heavens ring.

Peace, peace on earth, good will to men,

The angels sang o’er Bethlehem

While wond’ring shepherds sought the light,

Whose splendor dashed our age long night.

Happy the man, if at his side

Walks Jesus Christ at Christmas tide;

Then let our Christmas carols ring,

While all the world of Jesus sings.

Yes, this is Christmas, the greatest of all our festivals and man naturally falls under the spell of the fine spirit that lay upon the heart of the wise men who came from afar to see the newborn King. The first impulse which fell upon their hearts was that of homage and thus they came to worship. How beautiful how divine, when those starguided pilgrims fell on their faces at the manger where lay the king. The rapture of that moment is known only to those, who like the, pilgrims, after long seeking, have found the object of their search, and have worshipped. To such an one the heavens again are lambent, and filled again with angel songs.

Not only did those wise men worship, but they offered; and is not that the climax of worship, the offer? Those pouches of frankincense, gold and myrrh were presented and so their homage was completed in the offering. The bowed form and the words of praise, find their completion in the offering. Devotion, love and adoration all find their climax in the offering. This, therefore, is the gift season, when love and good fellowship find expression in beautiful gifts which cheer and gladden the heart.

It is not always the thing of greatest value that brings the fullest joy, but any token of admiration back of which is a heart of devotion and love, will thrill the heart of the recipient with rapturous gladness.

The aged long custom of making gifts at this season is beautiful, and helpful in many ways, may it ever live, as an opportunity to the wealthy to make the humble poor about them happy. If, therefore, God has blessed you above your fellows and you have opportunity, because of financial means and ability, make a gift and cheer somebody’s heart.

In this season of the year when the thought of the world revolves about Christmas and so in turn about Christ, whose nativity we celebrate, may this season witness the coming of many a wise man to the church of Christ that he may find the Savior of men.

In all our happiness feasting and joy of the season, let us keep all in harmony with the chief thought of the hour. Let our pleasures and pastimes be uplifting and ennobling, for Jesus came to lift men to better things. Everything which pulls a soul downward is out of harmony with the thought of the season. Let us all look up and lift up. To all its many patrons and friends, the AFRO-American sends greetings and a hearty Good Wish for A Merry Christmas, and the returns of many more.