By: Asia Alexander

Special to the AFRO 

Rapper Jeffery Williams, commonly known as “Young Thug,” from Atlanta, organized thirteen album release parties for his new album Business is Business with one of those gatherings at the renowned Baltimore record store The Sound Garden on June 29. 

The Sound Garden was formed in 1993 by Bryan Burkert in the heart of Baltimore and was ranked the number two record store in the nation by RollingStone. Bryan said he was ecstatic to host the event supporting the rapper, who was recently indicted on RICO charges.

“Even though we host many events in the shop, this one was unique because Young Thug and his label contacted us to arrange it. It was enjoyable to host since it engaged the neighborhood and demonstrated support for the artist,” he stated.  

A phone call between Drake and Young Thug opens the album with the rapper stating “Just pushing, more Peter, more sweeter, more completer,” signaling to his fans that he is alright and still hoping for the best. 

The rapper has been locked up for over a year and has started conversations on Capitol Hill and social media, making this album highly anticipated. In May 2022, the rap industry started a movement to limit the use of rap lyrics in court, saying that it alters the artist’s creative expression. The only state that took a progressive step towards this goal is California with Bill AB 2799. 

Still, with all this occurring, the rapper has a fan base out of this world, placing the album at number two on Billboard 200. 

Baltimore native Priyah Tshiteya loved the event and said she was surprised and happy that it was happening in Baltimore because she felt that they sometimes get overlooked. 

“I’ve been a Thug fan since 2014 when I first heard “Stoner” felt it was a significant enough event for me to attend whether I went alone or with some friends. I think that’s because of the support I wanted to show for both the shop hosting the event since it’s locally-owned as well as support for Young Thug and his team since I am a pretty big fan. I was surprised it happened in my area honestly because I feel that we sometimes get overlooked being in Maryland so it was a good feeling to know we were included in an event like this,” she stated. 

Food, drinks and five additional tracks not found on the album were available at the event. Attendees also received a limited-edition poster with the album cover if they purchased a CD. 

The event was a different fun event that brought the music community in Baltimore together. Winston Satterwhite said this event was truly something to experience and he was excited to attend. 

“It was a great event with the opportunity to unreleased Thug and support him. I would give the album an 8.5. It was just good to hear the old Young Thug that I am used to.” 

Bryan Burkert stated this would not be the last event the record store will host at either of their two locations, one in Baltimore and one in Syracuse, N.Y.