The White House East Landing Gold Star Tree 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic still plaguing the D.M.V., some people complained about the lack of Christmas spirit, many people were sick and others expressed simple joys of the holiday season. (Courtesy Photo)

By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. and Digital Editor

All over social media, the holiday season has been filled with memes about 2021 being the least Christmasiest Christmas ever.  

“N—s was so annoying yesterday, ‘ion feel Christmas Spirit,’ well you 26 and didn’t buy a gift for ya mama,” one person wrote on Twitter.

With numbers rising in Washington, D.C., many people were quarantined this holiday season or celebrated lowkey.  However, many  still found ways to find a little Christmas cheer through time with family, giving back and thankful for life.

As finances are tight for many people with the COVID-19 pandemic, the American emphasis on gift giving and receiving during Christmas is partially why so many people have been Grinches.

When Sza’s “I Hate U,” re-entered the top 5 on U.S. Apple Music at #4, one woman tweeted, “People didn’t like their Christmas gifts,” garnering 12 thousand likes, more than one-thousand retweets and several comments.

Then came the people who were quarantined during the holiday season.

The COVID-19 numbers in the D.M.V. are extremely high.  In D.C., from Dec. 22 to Dec. 26, 9,200 people tested positive for coronavirus.

One person tweeted with an eye rolling emoji, “The way COVID hitting in the DMV that is the Christmas present,” on Dec. 21.

“If you live in the D.M.V. and know under 20 people with Christmas COVID then you’re an introvert,” the local company Grindstone Universal tweeted on Dec. 23.

“I did NOT want 2 weeks off like this,” another person tweeted followed by three exclamation points followed with the hashtags such as: #covidchristmas #dmv and #sicklecellwarrior.

There are others who are simply grateful for life’s gifts and blessings, despite the trying time.

Olivia Slade, daughter of Hilary Daniel, poses on Christmas Day. (Courtesy Photo)

“The rent’s paid, and that’s a gift,” said  mother and D.C. educational professional Hilary Daniel.

The mother shared the joy she received in watching her daughter open her Christmas gifts.

“I loved watching my daughter unwrap her Barbie Dreamhouse.  It took me back to my own childhood, though I never had one,” she said joyfully. “I can’t wait to play with her.”

Some local families, such as the Lawsons, who recently celebrated one year of marriage, decided last year, that during this time of newness and confusion, to give back to others.  

“We made the decision last Christmas that we wanted to be present in the holiday- not consumed by running around getting gifts, but giving the gifts,” Joy Lawson said.  “We are blessed to have all that we need and we want to be that for a family in need.  We were able to bless three children with all they wanted for Christmas.  The feeling is unmatched! We learned that giving up presents we were able to fully be present! That is what this season is all about.”

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Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor