Friendship Baptist Church led by the Rev. Alvin Gwynn Sr., is located at 6004 Loch Raven Boulevard in Baltimore, Maryland. (Screenshot/Google)

By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter, The Christian Post

In the last 34 years that he has operated his 800-member Friendship Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, the Rev. Alvin Gwynn Sr. says his average monthly energy bill has hovered around “maybe $1,200.”

About two months ago, however, Gwynn claimed in an interview with The Christian Post that his bills from Baltimore Gas and Electric skyrocketed.

The latest bill from the company reviewed by CP shows that Friendship Baptist Church had an outstanding payment to BGE of $30,478.41 that was due on Easter Monday, April 10. Gwynn said he is refusing to pay the amount “on principle” because there is no way his church used that much electricity, forcing BGE to cut the power to the church on the day the bill was due. READ MORE…