(June 23, 2012) Former Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp made headlines this season for a myriad of disappointing reasons. He was reportedly released from his contract as a sports analyst on NFL Network and he later declared bankruptcy to quiet a host of bill collectors. But Sapp isn’t sitting still. The former defensive tackle will reportedly star in the new television show Judge Sapp as the presiding authority on YouTube’s latest network creation, the NOC (Network of Champions).

“I love the way TV judges get to enforce their point of view and as for the litigants, now that’s comedy you just can’t make up,” Sapp said in a press release. “I’m excited to issue out some good old fashioned “JSJ (Judge Sapp Justice).”
Sapp’s courtroom show will be getting an up-to-date twist from normal law sitcoms. The show will feature a DJ and the Wheel of Justice, a spinning decider that helps determine punishment. Judge Sapp began running on June 13 and will air for 28 more episodes.

“There’s no one that has been judged more than Warren Sapp – by his team, the media and the public,” said Ron Yassen, co-founder of the NOC in a press release. “Judge Sapp gives Warren a chance to turn the tables with hilarious courtroom antics letting Warren do what he does best: be himself. Everyone should subscribe to the NOC to see what kind of justice rules in Warren’s court.”

The NOC officially launched Feb. 15 as an online outlet showcasing the hidden personalities of professional athletes. Since its inception, the NOC has reached 4.5 million views and over 12,000 subscribers.