The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, a network of more than 200 Baltimore ministers from predominantly Black congregations, endorsed the O’Malley-Brown campaign Oct. 26. Members of the group held a brief ceremony with the governor and lieutenant governor at Friendship Baptist Church.

IMA President Rev. Dr. Alvin J. Gwyn, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church, announced the decision of the group while sharing a bit of the organization’s history, speaking about the 75 years of service “in the struggle for human right and equality” and his perspective on the community’s current needs.

“We are convinced these perilous and uncertain times in which we now live,” he said, “gives rise to the necessity of strong, determined and moral leadership. We are in desperate need of political leadership that embraces moral concepts and guarding virtues in order to combat the selfish greed and disrespect for human rights that now plagues our country.”

Saying the IMA’s record of accomplishment provides the moral justification for the organization’s position, Gwyn added, “Governor Martin O’Malley has been a consistent partner with the faith community in helping us to resolve and eliminate the problems that have hindered the growth and progress in education needs, affordable housing, small business concerns, crime prevention and fiscal responsibility.”

On the heels of that statement, Gwyn issued the IMA’s endorsement. “We endorse him as he continues to demonstrate that he is capable to meet the challenge of taking us forward into a brighter and more responsible future.”

Thanking the group, O’Malley said, “It’s an honor to have the support of these distinguished men and women of God, and I’m humbled by their faith and trust in the lieutenant governor and me. In this challenging economy, we’ve fought to maintain our shared priorities, even in the toughest of times, of providing those core services to our neighbors in need. When it comes to protecting these priorities, creating jobs and delivering results, we much continue to move forward over the next four years.”

Other speakers during the event were the Rev. William Calhoun and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.

Talibah Chikwendu

Special to the AFRO