NBA veteran point guard Jason Kidd was recently arrested on a DUI charge after crashing his SUV into a light pole in Southampton, N.Y. on July 15.

According to the Associated Press, Kidd, 39, allegedly ran a stop sign and ended up ramming his 2010 Cadillac Escalade into a light pole at 2.a.m. Sunday in Water Mill, a residential neighborhood in Southampton.

Reports say a passerby spotted the accident and called police. The Southampton Police were there within five minutes and Kidd was still sitting in the truck when they arrived, according to the Daily News.

The police told reporters that Kidd got out of the truck on his own, and told them that he had a few drinks and didn’t know what happened; he refused to take an alcohol test, but police say he reeked of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot.

Reports indicate that Kidd had appeared at a charity event early on July 14, and then was seen later that evening at the SL East club in New York drinking before he drove off and eventually crashed.

Kidd was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, and then booked on a misdemeanor DWI charge by 5 a.m. He was released shortly after being booked, and then later returned to the hospital due to a bad reaction from sleeping pills he had taken after the crash.

Kidd, a 10-time NBA All Star and 2011 league champion, had just signed a deal with the New York Knicks for nearly $10 million; Kidd was also celebrating the recent birth of his second child with his wife, Porschla Coleman.

Rumors began circulating that Kidd had been arguing with his wife before the car accident occurred, but Coleman’s mother told the Daily News that’s untrue.

“That is a lie,” the elder Coleman said. “My daughter just had a baby. Jason doesn’t hurt my daughter. He has never hurt my daughter. He was tired. He’s not a drunk.”