KOKD-Sam Smith

Sam Smith

New Vintage by SAM, a lifestyle apparel and accessory brand dedicated to making a positive change in the world through artistic and fashion expression, has “stepped into the ring” with a powerful combination of style and philanthropy.

The Baltimore-based company just launched its Knock Out Kidney Disease (KOKD) collection of bracelets with “purpose-filled” trinkets tobenefit the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland (NKFMD).

This collection mixes the Foundation’s signature orange color with metallic and crystal elements, including Jasper, Agate and Onyx (black, brown and cream), “to help shine light on kidney health awareness.”

Each special trinket possesses its own unique design – staying true to the New Vintage by Sam culture of individuality, while each complementary combination of beads and charms has its own meaning and healing properties consistent with the theme of holistic well-being.

A total of seven designs are available in three different bead sizes: itty bitty (6mm) for $20, midi bitty (8mm) for $30, and standard size (10mm) for $40. All products within the KOKD collection are packaged with a limited edition velvet dust bag, composition card and a special thank you from the line’s creator, Sam Smith.

A Reisterstown resident, Smith aims “to utilize her creativity to leave a lasting impression on her community and individuals alike.”

Introduced to fashion and design at an early age, Smith taught herself how to draw and create wearable art. In high school, she participated in several local fashion shows and productions as both a designer and model.

While attending Morgan State University, Smith continued to hone her design skills while pursuing a degree in Health Education. Shortly after graduating in 2007, she created New Vintage by Sam.

Franchon Crews:

“My brand is a true reflection of me: quirky, fun, colorful, tastefully rebellious, always fabulous anddesigned with love,” Smith explained.

“Each bracelet in the KOKD collection is simple, yet so intricate and detailed with various materials, personality accents and healing minerals to encourage peace and love energy while telling a colorful story,” she added.

The collection’s inspiration came from two powerful women: Smith’s grandmother who passed away from kidney failure, and her friend, Franchon Crews: a member of Team USA, the #1 female boxer at the Olympic weight class of 165lbs. and a 2012 world silver medalist.

Crews, who lives in Baltimore and is hoping to make the 2016 Olympic team, learned about chronic kidney disease when her mother was diagnosed with it in 2005.