Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey are two of the biggest names in the current sports world, but Mayweather says he has never heard of Rousey before.

Rousey stirred up conversation when the 27 year-old said recently she could take Mayweather in a no-holds-barred MMA-style (mixed martial arts) street fight. And UFC president Dana White agrees, saying Rousey “wins that fight and hurts him badly.”

But during a press conference to promote his next fight in September against Marcos Maidana, Mayweather, when asked about the woman’s assertions, told ESPN he “didn’t know who he is” referring to Rousey, repeating the “who is he?” reaction when a reporter asked him to clarify it.

According to ESPN  Mayweather wasn’t exactly referring to Rousey as a man, but instead staying on message about his fight with Maidana.

“I would drop down to the ground and crawl over to him as fast as I can,” Rousey told the {LA Times.} “I would just be skittering after him like the one dude in ‘Bloodsport’ that was doing the whole monkey crawl fight system.”

Mayweather may not know who Rousey is, but she definitely recognizes Mayweather, whom Forbes named the highest paid athlete in the world this year with a net worth of $105 million.

Both may have more in common then they think.  Mayweather is 46-0 and Rousey is 10-0, putting them at the top of their respective sports.

In her most recent fight, Rousey won by knockout 16 seconds into the first round.

Mayweather won his fight against Maidana in May, a majority decision through 12 rounds.

Instead of addressing the prospects of fighting Rousey, Mayweather is too busy preparing for his rematch against Maidana in September, after being surprised by the power-punching Maidana in May.

Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer