Rev. Reginald Adams

The Rev. Reginald Adams

Life Bridge Church, five years
Hometown: Danville, Va.
Education: Bachelor’s in Pastoral Counseling

How did you hear your call to ministry?

I heard the call to ministry while traveling extensively throughout the continental U.S. While living in Raleigh, N.C. I submitted to the call to accept the assignment in Maryland and so I went.

What has been the biggest surprise about ministry?

The people factor. School prepares you well for the technical aspects of your assignment, like biblical studies, theology and church history. However it really doesn’t prepare you for the onslaught of problems you face in the lives of people, and how those problems will affect you.

Of what aspect are you most proud?

Jesus in his earthly walk did everything he could to duplicate himself through his disciples that his ministry would carry on and expand after his departure. The aspect of ministry I am most proud of is duplicating a great collection of people that come to our ministry to do the work of the ministry.


Rev. and Mrs. Reginald Adams

What excites you about ministry?

The most exciting thing about my ministry is empowering ordinary people to live extraordinary lives; to build the structure of familyand watch them become fruitful and multiply.

Who are you s(h)eroes?

Those who have shared in the various seasons of my life and helped me develop and walk in my purpose. To name a few would be Bishop Major L. Hairston, Bishop R.D. Graves, Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady and Bishop Joseph A. McCargo.

Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Are you a PK?

I did in fact grow up in church as an adolescent reared in Bible Way Church World Wide for 12 years, before transitioning with my parents to New Hope Apostolic Church in Danville.  So yes I have a rich heritage of coming up in the church that extends far more than what is listed here before I came into Maryland.

How has social media enhanced your ministry?

Social media has allowed our ministry to reach into the lives of more individuals in multiple places. Our social media influence spans across Maryland but also has reached multiple cities and even across the seas. This has all been a great tool to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus and encourage people daily in their walk and inform them of our worship facility right in their backyard.

What’s next for you in ministry?

The next thing is impacting our community and surrounding area with empowering classes on economic development and entrepreneurship.  When things begin to align, you appropriate because we want to have synchronicity. When things come together things work better!

Who inspires you most in the community?

The individuals who get up daily, come from their homes to work in the community at their jobs to make sure tomorrow is there for the next generation. The bankers, cooks, mail deliverers, and sales clerks, those who catch the bus determined to make it. These are the individuals who inspire me.

What’s your favorite form of recreation or self care?

I love to spend time with my family, dinner with my lovely wife and children. Or vacationing and taking in a great movie.

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