GapBuster is a Riverdale, Md. minority-founded educational organization dedicated to promoting higher levels of achievement and closing the performance gap of students by enriching and supplementing the learning experience.

Students speak with members of the University of Maryland Police Department at the Center For Educational Partnership. (Courtesy photo)

“We are a family-oriented program,” Yvette Butler, founder and director of the nonprofit, told the AFRO. “We have just expanded into Ghana. The programs are for young women and we are focusing on helping them with STEM.”

Founded in 1999 and GapBuster is aimed at grade-school students in the Prince George’s and Montgomery County areas.

“I joined GapBusters because I saw how it made a difference for my older sister and I aspired to be like her,” Deborah Yeboah, a four-year attendee at GapBusters, told the AFRO. This program has helped me with my pubic speaking and leadership skills. I have been exposed to so much. GapBuster has helped me strengthen my math skills. This program has helped me come out of my shell and meet new friends; this is my family.”

GapBusters has different programs for students in middle school through college. “We are really lucky to have organizations like GapBusters around for doing programming with our kids after school, particularly around engineering and science. The key thing is to always draw awareness to the importance of after school programs,” Prince George’s County Councilwoman Dannielle Glaros (D- District 3) told the AFRO.

GapBuster helps students with basics such as math, reading and test taking as well as more advanced topics such as leadership, college applications and HIV education.