The Late Congressman Elijah Cummings Would Be Proud

Baltimore, Maryland The late Elijah Cummings’s words echoed in a West Baltimore City neighborhood late last week, showing that his constituency is honoring his famed plea, “Wake up America—we are better than this!” On the first day of Spring 2020, a group of dedicated volunteers picked up Cummings’ metaphorical relay baton and ran with it in Baltimore’s 7th Congressional District.

(Photo credit-Nick Schauman)


In this case, during four labor-intensive hours on Thursday , a group of dedicated volunteers quickly gathered and packed perishable food from the Booker T. Washington Middle School’s cafeteria, promptly distributing it via the Outcast Food Network and the Ruth Kirk Recreation Center

Without the quick thinking of the Baltimore City School District that ordered transferring all perishable food out of school cafeterias and the dexterity of Booker T. Washington’s Principal Misha Stredrick, huge quantities of fresh fruit and milk would have gone to waste. [#HeroicStoriesOurGrandchildrenWillHear] Mariel Pfister, LCSW-C, Promise Heights’ Community School Director partners with BTW and led several volunteers, afterwards sharing that “it was inspiring to work along folks that show up for others even in the most uncertain of times.” She thanked everyone “for helping pack and load with us! 

It’s nice that the milk didn’t go to waste and actually went somewhere where it was needed. I guess it’s true what they say—it takes a village to move a mountain of milks.” 

Huge kudos also to the apt coordination by BTW’s dedicated Cafeteria Manager Sheila Travers; to Clinton Tate for his energy loading the truck; the Promise Heights team; as well as the Ed Reed Foundation in partnership with The Local Oyster for helping make this small miracle happen.