(June 28, 2012) The headlines from the brawl between rappers Chris Brown and Drake at a New York City nightclub were too much to pass up for one boxing promoter, who has offered the men $1 million each to go toe-to-toe in a boxing match.

Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman says he has the financial backing of soda bottling heir Alki David, according to reports. He said it’s time that the two stars settle their differences in the ring.

“Obviously they have a grudge. It’s just three 1-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt,” Feldman told The New York Daily News.

The fight, which took place at Manhattan’s W.i.P. nightclub on June 14, was allegedly over Drake’s romantic involvement with pop star Rihanna, Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend.

Feldman wants Rihanna to be the ring girl for the fight—but said he’s not holding his breath for that to happen.

“I’m 99.9% sure she’ll say no,” Feldman told CNN. “But I can guarantee you, if the fight happens, she will be watching.”

The violent fight saw bottles thrown and left Brown with a busted chin, of which he tweeted a picture. The battle royale spilled over into other sections of the nightclub, including where San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker was located. Parker may have to skip playing for his home country of France in the Olympics because of an injury he suffered when broken glass flew into his eye.

Feldman told the Daily News that the target date of the bout would be Aug. 25. The fight would be located in either Las Vegas or Los Angeles and would be televised via pay-per-view.