MLK Memorial Special Coverage

    Family from Ireland

    The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message resonated beyond the United States. For proof, look no further than Tim McCarthy, who brought his family from Ireland for the dedication of the King Memorial. A banker...

    Lawyer from Honolulu, Hawaii

    The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired Okie Amadi to become a lawyer. So he booked his travel plans from his home in Honolulu to Washington, D.C., as soon as the dates for the...

    Lavonne Merriweather and Girlfriends

    Tradition is the reason Lavonne Merriweather and a group of her girlfriends wound up in Washington, D.C. Her desire to pay homage to a great leader is the why she ended up visiting the...

    Young Couple from Huntsville, MD.

    The possibility of inclement weather was not enough to stop Rosalind Cylar from joining her husband to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. She made the day trip to Washington, D.C., from the...

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