The Associated Press

American Greetings has apologized for a Father’s Day card that drew criticism on social media for depicting a Black couple over the words “Baby Daddy.”

The inside of the card reads: “You’re a wonderful husband and father — and I’m so grateful to have you as my partner, my friend, and my baby daddy! Happy Father’s Day.”


American Greetings says the front page communicated “an unintentional meaning that is out-of-touch and offensive.” Communications director Patrice Molnar says the company is adding steps to its product review process “to ensure cards like this are not created.”

Retailer Target saw the discussion on social media and asked American Greetings to remove the card from 900 stores where it was available. Spokesman Joshua Thomas says it was never the company’s intent to offend.

The phrase “Baby Daddy” is “not sweet or nice,” wrote Dallas-based Facebook user Takeisha Saunders, reported USA Today. “It’s a term used to describe a deadbeat or absent parent. Yeah it’s sweet on the inside, but whomever created this card doesn’t know what it means.”

Not everyone was as offended, however.

Facebook user Antwan Lester, responding to Saunders’ post, said the issue was “not that deep.”

“I’m a black man who finds NOTHING wrong with this card,” he wrote. “ But to sit here and compare this card with the real s**t we had to overcome though? If you’re not, I’m embarrassed for you and the woman who posted this.”