George Floyd and Derek Chauvin’s Common Employer Speaks Out in Lengthy, Exclusive Interview With The Jess Fields Show

(HOUSTON, TX) Maya Santamaria, former nightclub owner and Minneapolis community leader who employed both George Floyd and his alleged killer, Officer Derek Chauvin, spoke in-depth with news podcast host Jess Fields about her experience with both men, who worked at the same time under her employ for the nightclub El Nuevo Rodeo.

The YouTube link for the interview is here:

She speaks about how Derek Chauvin has used excessive force in the past and how she believes he had a racial bias against African-Americans. She also explains what she describes as institutional racism in the Minneapolis Police Department and the City of Minneapolis.

She details how protesters have, in her view, come from outside of Minnesota to cause havoc in south Minneapolis, and who that may be. She speaks about the destruction of the area around Lake Street, an enclave of ethnic businesses in Minneapolis which has been at the center of the destruction.

This is the most in-depth interview Ms. Santamaria has given since the death of George Floyd.

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